4 Great Airbrushing Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

One of the greatest challenges for planning a birthday party is how to keep it from turn out like every other year. And while there are lots of ideas out there, the key is to bring something to the party that actually creates memories. This is why airbrushing is such a great idea. Hiring a professional airbrush company for a party automatically creates excitement, because your guests will love art that is both fun and creative while capturing their imagination. Below is a short list of the some of the most popular applications for airbrushing at parties. We highly recommend trying one of these as you take your birthday to the next level.

Wall Photo Background

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So this year you've decided to have a pirate themed party and want to encourage everybody to dress up. If you want to make it worth their while then get an airbrushed background of a rugged ship out on the high seas; or better yet, a painting of Moby Dick. Maybe a pirates chest filled with gold found in a cave would be a great accent. Once your guests arrive and see a huge background that they can spend hours taking candid photos of, they'll thank you all night long. Background offer an opportunity to make lasting memories that people will talk about for years to come as they revisit the old pictures time and time again.

Customizable T Shirts

You've seen them before: T shirts with clever dates on them and some clever saying that's suppose to trigger a coined phrase that people may or may not care about. Add in a terrible photo of the birthday boy or girl, and you have a recipe for disaster. In other words, the t shirt ends up at the bottom of the drawer. The solution: customizable airbrushed t-shirts created on demand. This allows all your guests to create their own personalized t-shirts and have a keepsake for the birthday party that they'll actually wear over and over. They can get a t shirt in their own size instead of a 'one size fits all' shirt that may or may not fit them.

Fun Body Art

Everybody likes the idea of tattoos in theory, but many people do not like having a permanent mark on their bodies that they could regret down the road. With body art everyone at the birthday party can have their own form of expression with an airbrushed image that suits their personality. Kids can get airbrushed images on their faces or hands. Adults can be a little more risky with other areas of their bodies. Body art will last a while but can either fade away or be washed off at the individuals own discretion. Body art also gives you the flexibility of creating intricate designs that truly suit your taste.

Commemorative Stickers and Plaques

One of the great benefits of airbrushed paint is that it can be applied on almost any surface. If you're celebrating a landmark birthday such as turning 50, all your guests can have a souvenir painted on a sticker or plaque that they can take with them anywhere they go, or place it in a special place around their home. Airbrush Everything's airbrush artists can paint anything ranging from caricatures to keepsakes that remind all your guests of that special day. As with other items, there is no limit to what you can paint. Get as creative as you want, and watch everybody in the room have hours of fun on your birthday.

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